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Solar Hot Water Systems - Save Money and The Environment

Power bills are on the rise! There is no doubt that the cost of rising electricity and gas bills is going to mean that many households will feel financial pressures.

One of the best things that people can do to reduce their power consumption and to reduce their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is to install a solar hot water heater.

Estimates are that in the average residence electric hot water heaters comprise roughly a quarter of a households energy consumption. By switching to a solar hot water system households can save in excess of three tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year! They can also reduce their power bills by hundreds of dollars annually, simply by utilising the sun to warm their hot water.

Contrary to urban myth, your hot water system will not be reliant on sunny weather for you to have hot water. During inclement periods your hot water system will simply revert to using mains electricity to heat the water until such time as the sun reappears!

The experienced team at Plumbing For Life can advise you on a solar hot water heating system to meet your hot water needs, choosing from the widest range of reliable brands.

Discover how solar hot water heating can help you save money and the environment! For any further information regarding the selection and installation of solar hot water systems, please give Michael from Plumbing For Life a call on 0414 629 082. We are fully insured and our workmanship is guaranteed!